3 Steps for Building a Mailbox Using the Right Materials

The ability to do any tough project on your own gives you a great sense of responsibility and pride once your creation comes to completion. One very easy and straightforward project to work on is building of a wooden mailbox which is pretty easy to construct and more so a fun project. This is a project that can be worked on at any time especially during the leisurely days that people get to spend with their families. It also makes for the best way to save on cost of purchasing a standalone wood mailbox when it is not difficult to accomplish on your own.

Materials for Building a Mailbox

More often than is the concern, people do not need as much effort to come up with a standout mailbox but rather just use their imagination and a number of tools for the job. Wood on the other hand can be found in all hardware stores around the respective region while he simple tools will depend on the project itself. Whichever the case, people will only need some basic tools which can easily be got from any shed and they include; nails, a hammer and a hand saw. The most important consideration is that the nails are specific for the job and that they are capable of withstanding the dynamic atmospheric elements.

It is important for you to ensure you have considered the fact that the mailbox will be exposed to harsh weather conditions and therefore should be able to withstand. Galvanized nails should be the first premium consideration because of their durability. The wood also needs to be well treated and relevant to the wood post being used. The mailbox will have to be of specified dimensions so that it measures up well and is solid on the ground. As much as you may want to make it very firm, it is necessary that it is easy to implant into the ground, this means that the treated plywood should be cut to reasonable dimension.

Other significant materials that will be needed are hinges to hold the door and a small door handle or knob -the kitchen cabinet type. The knob does not have to be formal because you can use the remaining wood to fabricate one that is convenient to your case. The last but not least item that you will need, is concrete that dries quickly when some water is added to it. This is relevant so that you avoid paying for cementing services for placing the completed mailbox.

Building a Mailbox:

1. Support
The pressure treated wood for the support should not exceed 4 x 4 inches for the most effective mailbox construction. Once the post has been set up, you will then have to attach a horizontal piece of wood that is meant to support the mailbox. The horizontal wood frame will need to be proportional to the size of the mailbox. You will also have to bolt two boards at 45 degrees angle to side of the post to offer underneath support for the horizontal board.

2. Constructing the Box
This is a very important step and you will need to get some specific measurements for the effective letter size and the general postal service guidelines so that the mailbox gets approval. You can decide to go for a standard size mailbox or opt for a unique and approved size. It is necessary to ensure that the mailbox has a couple of doors, either on the top, bottom, side or front with workable hinges. The color of the house or box number should be in contrast to the box itself and placed on one side so that it is easy to view.

3. Placing the Mailbox
When installing the finished mailbox, there are a number of places that can come to mind including the common roadside face. In this case, the box will have to be a few inches from the curb and the hole has to be at least 2-feet deep. Once the post is buried into the hole, you will have to place some reasonable amount of gravel and add the prepared concrete. When the post is firmly attached, you can finally fix the mailbox with screws onto the board with a signal flag on the side.