10 Steps On How to Make A Cat House

Cats do need homes as much as our beloved dogs or any pets need their own place to relax. It is important that we provide our cats with a place where they can rest and sleep most especially if you let your cats stay outside.

A cat house is not just for outdoors but they also work great on indoors as well. You can either make a tree cat house or just an ordinary cat house. Since a cat also enjoys adventure, a tree cat house will surely be a hit to your beloved pets. There are a lot of advantages a cat house can bring to your pet so start on planning your cat house design to give your kitty the pampering it needs. You can either let one of the members of the family or a friend to assist you on how to make a cat house.


Below are the steps on how to make a cat house:

Step #1. Create your ideal cat house. Do not just make specifications on the design but to the convenience of your cat too. You should consider if what type of weather you have in your place to make the best suitable design. If you don’t have any idea what to make, you can also buy a plan that is available in the market.

Step #2. Finalize your plan. Make modifications if necessary to provide the best cat house your cat will ever have. This will also help so that you can finalize the budget for the materials to use.

Step #3. Buy all the materials that you need and do not skip even to the smallest detail. To save money, check if where you will be able to buy materials at a lower cost. This is important so you still have enough money left just in case you add more decorations to it.

Step #4. Once you have the materials ready, start by cutting the plywood in half so you can have 2 4×4 squares. Cut them again until you have 8 2×2 pieces. The equally cut pieces will now serve as the flooring, roof, and the walls of your soon to be furnished cat house.

Step #5. Make 12 2′ lengths of your studs. Make sure that you cut them proportionally so your cat house will look perfect if they have all the materials cut proportionally.

Step #6. Make a box shape out of your 12 2′ studs with the use of a wood screw. Be sure to screw them on properly so that it holds the pieces very together. You don’t want that your house will fall in just a number of days, right?

Step #7. Attach the floor, walls, and roof of the house to its frame with the use of a wood screw.

Step #8. Make a small hole to the front panel. Make sure that it is exactly your cat’s size to ensure that you’re pet can move in and out the house comfortably. Then, attach it to the frame.

Step #9. Use your carpet remnants to cover the entire house with a staple gun. This will make a very good spot to scratch your pet’s paws out once your cat gets bored. This will also save your furniture from getting scratched whole year round.

Step 10: You can add on some beddings that will make your cat very comfortable on siesta time. This will either be an old pillow or an old blanket just to keep your cat warm during cold days. An old rag, towel, or clothes will also make a very option where your pet can curl up during this time of the year. Be sure to wash them more often to avoid the spread of diseases to you and to your family.

Some cat houses will really cost a lot and some will just go with your planned budget as well. It just depends on what materials you choose to use. Although cats can’t talk to show their appreciation to their owners, you can somewhat feel them through their actions. Cats are one of the sweetest pets that you could ever have because they just wanted to cuddle up with you all the time. So, give your cat this nice treat and have a fun loving experience with your adored pets by learning on how to make a cat house.