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How To Make A Chair In 7 Steps

Chairs are common pieces of furniture that are found everywhere. How to make a chair is not as easy as other types of furniture. To successfully make the chair you want, you have to be careful that the dimensions and the structure will be able to hold the weight of a person. You can begin by making simple chairs with easy to make instructions and designs that will last long and are attractive. To make a simple chair, you can use the following instructions. This chair will use lap joinery to join the pieces of wood together.


Step 1: Get The Materials You Need

You can use spare lumber or if you don’t, you will have to purchase what you need from the store. You will need enough lumber for four legs, two bottom and two top rails, two back rails and two front support rails and enough slats for the seat and the back of the chair. Finally you will need two bottom braces. If you are using spare lumber, ensure that it is adequate for your chair.


Step 2: Make A Template Of The Chair

You can draw and cut out a template of the chairs dimensions so that you can work on the chair pieces separately first and you are sure that they will fit well together. It will act as a guide and you can use it to fit the pieces together so that you are sure the chair’s pieces will all fit.


Step 3: Cut The Legs

The dimensions of the legs of your chair will depend on where you want the chair to fit. If it is under a table, it should have enough room between the table and chair. Then cut the four legs so that they are equal in length. You can then shape them according to your design and for them to look uniform and neat.


Step 4: Make The Chair Sides

The side frames are easily made when you use the template you have. Take the bottom board and lay it against one of the chair legs then position the bottom rail against the bottom board and mark on the board. Cut and shape the bottom board and bottom rails so that they fit in well together. Make the other side in a similar fashion.


Step 5: Make The Bottom

Now using nails, attach the bottom rail to the chair legs according to the marks you had put. After that, put the top rail and nail it to the board. Then you place the back rail so that it is flush with the bottom rail. The top rail should be longer then the joint you have made. Then begin fixing the slats of the bottom part of the chair so that they hold the two sides together. To have an easier time doing this, use glue first then nail the slats to the side bottom board so that the chair is sturdy. Before you fix all the parts together with glue, then nails make sure that the chair is fitted properly. You can use your template for this. You can use grinder to make a slight depression so that the seat is comfortable. Alternatively you can attach the seat slats at a slight angle so that they slope slightly and this will make the chair more comfortable.


Step 6: Make the Back

Because you have already placed the back rails, all you will need to do is to put in the slats so that you position the first slat with its lower edge some inches above the seat. Space the other slats evenly working your way from top to bottom and the back slats should extend slightly beyond the two back rails. So cut and shape them accordingly then fix them onto the rails using glue and nails. Shape the back slats so that there is a slight curve to them for comfort. If you are not sure how to do it, make your chair a straight backed one or you can angle the slats slightly for some sort of curve.


Step 7: Paint the Chair

After you are finished making your chair, let the glue dry thoroughly for a day or two. Sand it down to make it smooth and look neater then you can paint or stain your chair in the colors that you would like.