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How To Make A Rabbit Hutch in 7 Steps

Rabbit rearing has become more popular in the world and is advisable to built a comfortable hutch for them. A rabbit hutch is not very difficult to make. Most rabbit hutches are made of wood and wire mesh as these are sturdy and they allow adequate air to circulate the hutch. Make a hutch that is big enough for the rabbit to be comfortable. This is how to make a simple rabbit hutch.


Step I: Get All The Materials You Need

You will need chicken mesh wire, nails, adhesive, plywood sheets, 25 and 50 inch boards and hinges for the door. You will also need screws, insect screen mesh, exterior paint and water based acrylic. You can get the supplies at your local hardware store. It is best to use pure pinewood for the boards and plywood.


Step 2: Make the Frame

Assemble the frame by joining the back wall frame to the front wall frame first. The 50 inch boards will make up the frame. Use nails and adhesive to ensure the structure is study. The frame will have the front and back walls and the side walls.


Step 3: Make The Floor

To make the floor, put 25 inch boards and nail them side by side. Cut notches in all the four corners for the upright boards that will be used for the wall frames. When you finish, put the plywood sheets on top of the boards and nail them so that it is fixed well on top


Step 4: Make The Walls And The Roof

For the walls, use the same method as making the floor. Fix the boards onto the frame with nails then add the plywood sheets on top. You will have to measure and cut the plywood t the right size for both side walls. For the back wall, it may be a little longer as the hutch will be rectangular. For the front wall, mark where the door opening will be. On the rest of the frame, attach the chicken wire mesh using staples. Use enough staples so that the chicken wire mesh does not shake or is loose. It should be stretched tightly and firmly over the frame. For the roof frame, it will be more or less equal to the floor panel. Measure the roof frame and use boards to make the base. Cover the boards with a plywood sheet that has been cut to the right measurements and attach it with nails.


Step 5 : Attach The Walls And The Roof

You can now attach the back and side wall panels to the frame. The panels should have notches that you will fit the panels into the frame snugly. Attach the panels onto the frame using nails. When you are done, place the roof panel on top and attach it using nails. If you want to have a divider, place a 50 inch board in the position you want your divider to be and then attach plywood that is as high as the hutch length and as wide as the front to back wall. This will effectively create a partition.


Step 6: Make The Door

Make the door frame by attaching the door panel then add the chicken wire mesh on top and use staples to fix the wire mesh firmly. You may also use aluminum insect screening so that insects do not enter the hutch. Align it with the chicken mesh so that they are as uniform as possible then attach to the frame using staples. Attach the door hinges to the door frame using screws then hang the door. First attach the top part of the door with one screw then swing it to ensure that it is functioning well. If it is, attach the rest of the screws. If it is not, remove it and make the necessary adjustments then fix it.


Step 7: Paint The Hutch

Paint any parts of exposed wood using exterior paint so that the wood is not damaged by the elements of weather. Ensure that the paint you use is free of dangerous chemicals that have the potential to harm your rabbit. Use water base acrylic paint for the interior as it will protect the wood making it last longer and it will make the hutch easy to clean.